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Hi All

About 3 months ago, I upgraded the gfx card in my HP, changing from the stock x1650se to an 8800GTX. To do that, i had to take apart a good chunk of the pc. I also had to change the power supply, etc.
A couple days ago, i tried to connect my Wii to the composite in (the yellow plug that you use to connect DVD players to TVs) thats built in to the front pannel of the PC. Usually when you connect anything to the pc, even headphones, it tells you that something has been connected. This time is didnt. i tried to re-instal the drivers, but i had no luck. I then check in Device Manager to see if the card was being detected. It would usually appear on the Sound, video and game controllers section, but it wasnt there. Finally, i decided to check the plugs to make sure everything was connected, and surprise surprise :thumbsdow, the composite and audio in (red and white plugs) werent connected.

I spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out where the cable connects to the mobo (Asus P5BW-LA) . but i cant figure it out. So my question: Can anyone indicate where the cable is suppose to go on the motherboard?
Here is an image of the mobo: http://www.jowaynet.com/UPloadpic/2007122910514521308.jpg

I have tried connecting it to one of the white 10 pin sockets seen on the left hand side of the mobo. This didnt work, mainly because the A/V to mobo plug is twice the size (10 pins x 2) (i will try to upload a picture of it when i can) Also, some of those sockets are being used for the front USB and Card Reader.

Could really use your help guys :lease:

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