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I bought a new monitor a couple of weeks ago and it's been a little bit awkward. Here's my experience:

Try to connect up Macbook with monitor via DVI-VGA lead through mini-DVI to VGA adapter. No response. Boot up Windows – works first time. Boot back into Mac OS and it's working. Try again in the evening and it's stopped working again. Since then there has been little to no success on Windows and OS X.

Since I intended on using it via a mini-DVI to DVI adapter, I waited for it to arrive. In the mean time I tested the DVI socket on a Powerbook G4, which worked AOK. I also plugged in two other PCs via VGA and they both worked first time.

The new mini-DVI to DVI adapter arrives. It won't play ball at all. In the end I arrive at a strange ritual which does the trick. Instead of screwing in the DVI cable to the adapter and the adapter into the computer, I plug in the adapter first and the DVI cable second. This seems to work every time.

Now, though, I am getting intermittent problems with it waking up from sleep or starting up with the internal monitor on and the external monitor off, requiring me to unplug the cable and replug it.

I have also had problems in the past where it states there is no signal coming from my Wii and 360, so I can't use Quick Select and have to manually select the channel. Although that seems OK right now.

The monitor is an HP LP2475w and I have a Spring 2008 white Macbook on 10.6.4. I have searched and found people reporting similar problems, though not identical, but no useful solution. Some people solve it using a program called SwitchResX, but I can't seem to understand how it works.

So my question is: what is causing this problem and should I return the monitor? Or is there something I can do software-wise? I've had it for a little over two weeks.


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Moved this over to the Apple boards, probably more people here who might be able to offer help with this.

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