HP Laptop - Screen Removal


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Hi Guys,

I have an old HP laptop wher ethe screen is crcked and I have been pondering to sell it or not.

IThe power cable broke sme time ago and currys wanted £100+ for a new one, so I never bothered. However, looking on ebay theres ones for just over a tenner!

I have a external mointer which I can hook up via VGA. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the screen alltogether and having it siting on the desk like a keyboard.

I can only find guides about replacing the screen. Any advice would be great.



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do you kno what model it is.
should be no problem if its like the dv9000 range remove button panel then remove the cables then the hinges. only thing that may be a problem is the wifi arial as thats in the back cover


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DV6000 mate.

I will open it up tomorrow and see what I can do.

Would snapping it backwards off be an easy solution? lol


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sam as ours see your touch buttons you need to find the screws under the panel usualy under the battery undo them ones then it will unclip be carfull as i think there is a ribon cable connection with that panel. you will then see the plug for the screen that should just pull up. then follow the wifi cables may have to cut them if you cant feed them throu the laptop casing from the wifi card.
you will then see two screws in each hinge just undo them and that should be it.
only other posible conection is a web cam if it has one built in.

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