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    hi all, Ive ran into a prob with the anapod software, although its 10 million times better than itunes already, im not sure if this is can be done....The problem I have is that when I drag and drop an album from my drive into the album section in anapod it changes its name to 'single' (I can right click and rename it ok though) --- instead of keeping the folder name with the 2 sub folders called cd1 & cd2 its only created a cd1 and cd2 folder and has completely missed the main folder -- so what i hope should happen is in the album section in anapod I should have a folder in there with 2 sub folders called cd1 & cd2 - but no, thats not happened.

    anyone any ideas ? cause i have 2 playlists, one for me and my misses and i want a list of albums for us to use but have them added to our own playlists. when i add an album to a playlist it add's songs and not the actual album folder with the sub folders called cd1 & cd2.


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