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HP ipaq h6340 questions

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by glasgow, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. glasgow


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    Hi people, just found this forum searching for some things I needed to know regarding this pda, hopefully someone can help :)

    I hope to buy the 6340 as my first PDA. What I need to know, is will it be able to go online using an 02 network pay as you go simcard? I realise it can be used to go online in wifi hotspots, but there arent enough of those were I am to rely on that. I see the pda has gprs, can i go online using this with a prepay sim? If so, what speed would I be looking at getting? and what type of cost for GPRS access to the net?

    Sorry if these are easy/stupid questions, I have no experience in using PDA's like this!

    thanks in advance,
  2. Uridium

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    Jan 29, 2005
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    North West Leicestershire
    My M8's just bought one and it's quite nice, buy it from expansys or somewhere it it will be unlocked for all networks.

    T3 mag this month has got a small review of the IPAQ against the O2 XDAIIs, although the Ipaq doesn't fair too well it's quite a nice machine.

    Got an XDAIIs myself and personally I prefer it, but dif'rent strokes etc..

    may be worth checking if it comes with Win Media player 10 as this is out now and new kit should come with this (you can't upgrade from 9 to 10) if not and 10 is far better.

    If you check the Tariff info on the o2 website I thin you can buy GPRS bundles, however it does work out a bit pricey on PAYG.

    My O2 contract is O2 100 online - costs £25 a month and gets you 500 txts, 100 anytime xnet minutes and 1/2mb GPRS. + you'll get the XDA for at least half the price of the IPAQ

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