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I have a HP all in one computer.

It has hd4600 intel graphics.

I’ve tried everything to get it to work but the picture looks awful! Fuzzy, muddy, poor colours, overblown gamma. It’s not right at all.

I have read online at various points the intel hd 4600 doesn’t work/play too well with win 10 o/s but a lot of it seems to be from 2015/2016 so surely this has been resolved now?

Whatever I seem to change after a restart doesn’t seem to stick settings wise either.

When the date/time loads on the win 10 screen. After a few seconds of being sharp/clear it goes more bold and pronounced.

Anyone got any experience or can offer any help with this?

I’ve tried scaling options in win10, all settings in hd intel graphics control. It’s not tied to any of that. It appears to be general compatibility or something that it doesn’t like.

I’m debating buying a new pc as it looks that crud. I should say it’s a win 8.1 pc upgraded to win 10 - the drivers I’ve installed are many! New, old, hp and intel site ones it makes no diff. I have had it looking awesome! But after a restart it looks crud again

I have no software that would interfere, no additional software of any kind other than default win 10 stuff.
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I also should say, I’ve tried several factory resets, it makes no difference.

Feel free to ask any questions - I really don’t know what else to try.


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Have you done a clean install not using the HP restore/factory image but clean USB Win10 installer ?

Can you boot into another OS like Ubuntu and does the issue persist ? if it does then it may be a hardware fault. You can use this to run Ubuntu from USB flash drive.

The bold and pronounced issues in my mind sound like something from the accessibility sections has been turned on. In Win10 settings go into ease of access and see whats active just in case.


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Screenshots would be helpful. It'll also tell us if it is a general software issue (they show the same problem) or a screen/driver issue (the screenshots are sharp and clear).
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