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Howard Jones has a new album out now in the high street shops.
It's a synth based album 10 tracks.
Visit to hear samples.

It is an excellent headphones album with meaniful lyrics and really catchy and moving tunes.
It is clearly HJ's return to form.
The CD is co-produced by Robbie Bronniman of DBA.
If you remember the whooa whooas of the 80's, you appreciate how far HJ has grown musically.
For you c me starts off with a chilling piano intro and bursts into full on drum and bass.
Quite simply it's awesome.

Rich Tee.
:clap: :smashin:


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I really enjoyed his music from the early to mid eighties. Might get this album as the samples sounded pretty good.

rich tee

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Hi Bowenjones
Are you related?
HoJo tours every year, he has a great DVD out too, 20th Anniversary concert, I was there and get to chat about the show on the fan bit too.

I hope you enjoy the Cd.


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rich tee said:
Hi Bowenjones
Are you related?
No, I don't think so :rotfl:
Will try to get this album later today if my local Tesco has it in stock.
I'll let you know what I think once I've listened to it.


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Finally got this from Amazon. Only listened to it once so far and my first impressions are that it is a very well produced album. I'm already looking forward to giving it another spin as there were some tracks that really stood out. I was particularly impressed by tracks 2 Respected, 5 I've said too much, 6 The Presence of Other, 7 Black and White (really enjoyed that) and 10 For You, See Me (as you've already pointed out rich tee). Although I've so far only listened to it through my cheapo pc speakers I can see what you mean by it being a good headphone album (which is how I plan to listen to it next).

rich tee

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I'm really pleased you got it.
I went to the album launch gig in Aylesbury in sept, Howard played each song in track order, and spoke about things.
He said Black and white started out as a letter to Tony Blair.

Howard does acoustic gigs, and he plays respected alot.
It was strange for me to hear the electronic version when I had heard it live just on piano twice already this year. Yes I'm a groupie. LOL

The vocals on The presence of others are haunting, really clear and emotional.
There is a positive review of the album in MOJO this month I'm told.

For you c me play it loud, to hear the gradual increase in volume of the piano riff.

Happy Listening.
Let me know your thoughts when you've played it a few times.


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the Howard Jones I remember from the 80's was poppy throw away lyrics although I do recall an album track that went somthing like (forgive me here)

you can see the mountain but you can't reach it... and she wants you, no one is to blame. (can't remember the title)

Sorry for the rendition there but its been 20 ish yrs. Anyway that song was an absolute belter & what is love was o.k too.

On balance I take back what I said....I suppose I quite liked him and i'm not qualified to comment on his recent stuff.

Sorry Howard :)

rich tee

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ufitsy said:
the Howard Jones I remember from the 80's was poppy throw away lyrics

I think you're thinking of Nik Kershaw or Rik Askley.

Howard's lyrics are about enviromental, political, racial, world peace, murder of animals, self belief, positivity, religion, conspiracy theories, love, relationships, solving your own problems, and that's just the first album back in 1984.

Throw away pop?

22 years and about 10 albums later, you won't believe your ears.
visit and read the guest book.

Have I said too much. :smashin:

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bowenjones said:
I know HoJo and BoJo but who on earth is MoJo???

Mojo is the adult version of Q mag.
What's Q mag?
A popular music mag.

In Mojo expect to find, Supertramp, Kate Bush, Beatles stuff, James Taylor
Paul weller, more contemporary artists.
Unbiased reviews, less fashion etc.



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I do recall an album track that went somthing like
'No one is to blame' was the title I think I have got it somewhere on 12" although its been a while since it was played. Howard Jones inspired me to take up the piano 20 years ago but I gave it up after getting a job on the rigs.
However around a year ago I listened to his stuff again and now I have taken the piano up again and I have been taking lessons for almost a year. Just about to do my grade 1 classical exams

thanks Howard


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I saw HJ perform this in the unlikely venue of Runcorn near Liverpool a month or two back. He played Revolution in its entirity and I must admit I was fairly blown away and bought it in the break. Even met him after the concert, had a quick chat. Nice bloke.

Revolution is currently my favourite album, an amazing blend of vocals and superb electro beats with genuinely infectuous melodies. I would recommend 'Revolution of the Heart' to anyone...PJ

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Guys these are fantastic posts.
Striking while the iron is hot, for those of you who remember some of the old hits for about £3.99 you can pick up a live CD called the Peaceful Tour, which was recorded live at Brannigan venues in 2001.

In fact each gig was recorded through the mixing desk, and Cd's of the gig were sold straight after the show.
Various budget labels released the CD.
All the big online stores like HMV stock it.

on the cd is live versions of

New song, his first single, ''throw off your mental chains''
Like to get to know you well.
Hide and Seek.
Things can only get better
What is love
No one is to blame
Everlasting love.
There are 13 tracks in all.

rich tee

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Hi Rigman
Howard recently released an album called Piano Solo's you might be interested in.
No vocals just pure piano, only available online at

BTW I'm not on commission, LOL.

rich tee

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Sorry Guys
Forgot to say the song Ufitsy was on about is, 'no one is to blame' from Howards 2nd album Dream into Action.
The album version is different from the hit single.

Phil Collins wrote a new beginning and ending for the song and played drums.
It was HJ's best selling single in the US a top 10 billboard hit.


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Well, i've played this a few times now and can honestly say that there isn't a weak track on it! It's a superb album and deserves to get a lot more publicity than it's getting at present. Respected is an awesome song imo :smashin:
rich tee, i'd like to thank you for the heads up on this one as I probably wouldn't have known about it otherwise :thumbsup: Great stuff :clap:


I'm on the cover of Howards album "People"

anyone else here on that cover too ?

rich tee

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Hi Applevenus

No I'm not on the people album, I wasn't online when that went around.
I am on the 20th anniversary dvd, talking to the camera outside the SBE, with my mate in the background, and loads of people milling around.
The retro set is worth buying it for alone.

I met up with Jaz Lichy this year, he's on the cover.


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