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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Shady Deal, Mar 10, 2002.

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    Current setup:-

    Tosh 46wh08b RPTV
    Panasonic Sky Box > RGB > AV1
    Sony DVD Player > S. Video > AV2
    Panasonic VCR > Composite > AV3

    All pictures are fantastic from all units, and the DVD gives a better picture via S.Video than RGB.

    Problem = I now have a cable box to fit in. RGB gives best picture on this.

    a) Could loop it through sky box but would loose VCR connection
    from Sky box.

    b) Could run it composite on AV3 and loop the VCR through but the picture would be worse on both units.

    c) Out of ideas now :confused:

    Both units need to be on at any one time as the RF feeds TV's upstairs to enable watching different digital channels.

    If my Tosh RP had two RGB scarts that would solve the problem!!

    Looking at the RGB > S.Video converters they do not look as though they pass the wide screen signaling.

    Would use the cable box on it's own but:-

    a) Picture not quite as good as Sky.
    b) Box gives picture shift to the right no matter what type of output. (Even if a 4:3 frame is showing, frame will be ok but the picture in it will be off by about 1/2" to the right.
    c) Widescreen switching is a nightmare, screen changes from wide, to 4:3 to cinema?? during adverts and programme changes.

    Why I want to do this:-
    a) No longer subscribe to Sky, miss ITV2 (Sad I know) may want to up my TV package with cable company.

    At present Cable box is fitted upstairs on portable TV.

    Sorry for long post, but hope someone might have some ideas

  2. bob007


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    If you loop Sky through the Cable you will be able to keep the VCR connection for Sky.
    Cable AV1 > TV AV1 (RGB)
    Sky AV1 > Cable AV2 (loop)
    Sky AV2 > Video AV2
    Video AV1 > TV AV3

    Doulbledoom is the one to see, should be ok with the above.

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