How would you connect Apple TV to in ceiling speakers for best results?


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I've searched through the forums, but couldn't find an answer to this. Here is the situation. I want to use an Apple TV instead of a Sonos for audio only. The problem is that it has no amp for passive speakers and it only has HDMI/Optical out.

From searching I'm getting the impression I need a DAC & Amp combo, but I'm a bit of a newb and it is entirely unclear to me what would be best to do this. I'm really intrigued by the iBasso D10 but isn't this really for portable? It looks like I can have it powered but then I'm not clear whether it will provide enough power to drive the Polk TC60i which I think take 100 watts per channel. If I need an amp in addition to something like the iBasso how would you connect them and what amp would you recommend?

I know this is kind of an odd setup, so I appreciate your ideas. Thanks!


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That is a headphone amp.
You need a separate DAC eg Beresford or CA DACMagic and a stereo amp. Stereo anps don't tend to have digital inputs or DACs.

Alternatively an AV Receiver driving just 2 channels will do the job.

Are you using the apple tv for video streaming as well?

If not and you haven't purchased the Apple tv yet I would suggest visiting the digital music player sub-forum. The likes of squuezebox already have a more than adequate DAC on board.


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Thanks davepuma! I really appreciate your insight. I'm using Apple TV's to drive audio/video in rooms with televisions and in those cases it is straight forward because I always have a tuner that can take HDMI and power the speakers. I'm also using (or wanting to use!) Apple TV's for zoned audio in the other rooms. In those cases there would be no video.

In terms of the two options you listed below, I would probably want to go with whatever is the simplest & most cost effective, but still get good sound. I'm not an audiophile, but I do have quite a bit of lossless audio. My only other consideration is that because I have many zones I'll need to buy several of whatever the stack ends up being.

What do you think would work best:

AV Receiver (even if I don't use the video portion)



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DAC/Amp would provide better results, but considering you want to buy multiple of these surely a squeezebox or a sonos system is the better option? You can use iTunes with either.


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Hi J2C. Thanks for feedback. I'm starting to wonder the same thing myself. When I started this journey Sonos didn't have a very good iPhone app control and work well with iTunes (obviously a while ago). I may need to revisit that. It could be that now that will be the most elegant solution. Initially it felt a lot cleaner if I could just deploy Apple for everything, but this DAC/Amp thing is really a bit of a pain.

Thanks again!

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