How to Verify which channels are getting signals


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I am really stuck. I have a brand new SCLX904 with an Xbox One X

I have updated the firmware on the receiver and factory reset. I am not sure if its Hulu, Xbox, the receiver or the speakers.

I am looking for a device(s) I could place in between the hdmi signal (xbox to receiver), as well as speaker connection (receiver speaker wire to speaker) to tell me for sure which channels are getting signals and therefor my speakers should be on.

Right now ill be watching Hulu for instance, and it can drop down to where I am only getting the center channel or center plus 1 front or 1 rear.

Then I go to netflix which is HDR, things appear good, go back to hulu, resume the same show and booyah all the channels are there.

At no time does the receiver “appear” to turn off the signal, but i can only validate that by looking at the front of the receiver which shows all the speakers on.

Xbox One X New
Pioneer Elite SCLX904 new
Definitive Tech brand new 9080 Towers (4) and center channel
2 Klipsch reference subwoofers

Please any thoughts or suggestions are not lol gonna offend me.



Is there no way on the Pioneer that you can check the incoming signal? I take it you are getting Netflix and Hulu through the XBox. If Netflix is playing fine, have you tried a blu ray on the XBox and checked that connection. I don't see how the receiver would differentiate between the Hulu and Netflix unless there was a problem on the XBox. I'm sorry I can't help further but I'm neither an XBox owner nor a Pioneer receiver owner.


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For a start, no audio format would evet consist of just the centre channel and neither would you get audio consisting of just one front or surround channel. If appraising this via listening as opposed to what the receiver's display indicates then be aware that not all speakers will be engage continually throughout a multichannel soundtrack.

Anything you get via Netflix will be 6.1 or 2 channel stereo in nature. Even if the speakers are not being engaged by the soundtrack, you'd be getting 2.0 or 5.1 channel audio (Atmos in some instances).

If the corresponding speakers are not being lit up on the receiver's front panel display then I'd suggest there to be an issue or fault with the receiver, especicially if getting this same behaviour relative to seceral sources as opposed to just one?


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Thanks all. Agree on the signal thing. Wife and I were laughing going wtf is center only call.

As for the speakers that's just it. The receiver had them lit up but they arent on (or turn off off after their timeout). Im wondering if its just hulu through xbox one x. Weird though.

Pause the app (again I do think its hulu only) swap apps, come back and it works correctly again.

Today I got a brand new LGOLEDGSX 77 inch 2020 installed. We are only running through the TV apps versus the xbox one x and so far so good.

Will update if it keeps happening with just the TV app (hulu or others).


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Avis test disc?


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You don't really need a test disc if you've access to Netflix. Netflix include test card files that also include audio test signals. Those files with a 5.1 soundtrack will play audio via each speaker in turn. You can find these files on Netflix by using the search term "test". This should enable you to find the Netflix test card files within a section called "Test Patterns".
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Thanks so much folks. What I am more looking for was an inline way to figure out why at the moment did all 4 of my towers power down and have no sound(in the sub, atmos part or other parts) but the center is going, when I am running a Dolby Vision, Dolby atmos 5.1.4 movie.

Because right now thats a scenario that happens to me.

However that being said. I love all the suggestions and that netflix thing I do see as a way to test when it stops.

Thank you!!!


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Dolby Vision is neither here nor there as far as the audio is concerned. THe audio isn't influenced by the video signal,

You can get Dolby Atmos trailer/demo files. Those encoded with Atmos metadata packaged with DD+ would probably be your best option if wanting to play them via various sources. You can access such files here:

You have to remember that Atmos isn't channel based so a conventional test file that would send a test tone to eack speaker individually isn't practical if testing an Atmos configuration. What I can assure you is the the files from Dolby would engage every speaker within an Atmos setup during the caource of the trailer.


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Thanks yeah I understand the video doesnt I was merely giving an example of the content as a whole.

If I just wanted to test the speakers I can use the tone tester. But I want to test it during the playback of a signal.

Like I would debug the network between multiple computers.

The TV or the Xbox, depending on my source to the receiver says its pushing multichannel PCM. The status/info shows at least 5.1.4, or whatever it is at that moment. Yet those speakers are not producing sound. And once they stop they stop.

So without something live, in between the source of that channels signal, and the speakers I have no idea why the speakers feels its getting no signal. Then I switch to another show they come back on. Switch back to the original show that it randomly stopped playing on and its working again.

Pioneer and Sony says its not them. DT says its not the speakers. Well its someone and all I haves a signal and a smile to go by.


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Put your receiver on “auto surround” mode. That way it will auto-detect the incoming signal so you know it will be correct. Also, if you press the info button on the remote, it will display the incoming signal format on the tv screen and also, the format the receiver is outputting.


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Thanks so much John. It is in aurosurround atm unfortunately. The status will say PCM multi channel, PCM multichannel 2.0 or etc. And for output when this is happening ill see 5.x.x or Atmos (again its slightly different when its my tv over earc versus the xbox one x.

Heck watching Today lol my status was 16:9, Dolby Vision, PCM, 4K, Atmos, 2164(i might have the number wrong) BT2020 whatever that is LoL.

This is what my TV said my Xbox One X was sending it via my earc receiver. Yet I have one channel... my center making sound lol.

Again thank you all!!!


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Just an FYI. I am guessing here but I think I have an idea of the issue or area of issue.

The only speaker never effected is the center channel. The center speaker is the only one that does not have an Atmos height speaker attached to it. The 4 Definitive Technology 9080 towers come with their Atmos height speaker already attached. Their other speaker lines you have to buy it separately and attach it.

So tomorrow im gonna run some tests
1. atmos speaker wires detached and receiver set to 5.1 not 5.1.4

if it goes half a day without the issue then I will reattach and see if it happens again

2. ill use my klipsch speakers versus the dts in 5.1 mode.

if this works then

3) klipsch speakers with klipsch atmos speakers, which are not attached to the primary speakers.

If 1, 2 and 3 work without issue I feel it points to the Atmos attached DT towers.

Thanks all very much!!

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