How to use speakers and 2.4 GHz headphones at the same time with Yamaha RX-V4A/RX-V6A and CEC enabled


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I have 2.4GHz wireless Sennheiser headphones which I connect using a pair of RCAs or 3.5mm jack.
My TV has Audio Out RCA port plus 3.5mm Headphones jack.
I recently bought Yamaha RX-V4A and I connect it to my Panasonic Viera Plasma TV using HDMI like this:

[Laptop] <--HDMI--> [Yamaha RX-V4A] <-- HDMI --> [TV] <-- RCA --> [Headphones]

With CEC disabled (which is called 'HDMI control' in Yamaha and Viera Link in the TV) I can get the sound
- in the speakers connected to the amplifier,
- in the speakers of the TV and
- in the headphones.

However, without CEC enabled, this setup forces me to turn the TV and amplifier on and off separately.

When I enable CEC, both devices start up and shut down at the press of a single button, and the volume buttons on my TV remote control the volume on the amplifier. This is great, except that the sound can be directed either to
1) 'TV speakers' and 'TV audio out' or
2) Amplifier speakers, and then the headphones do not work.

Since Yamaha RX-V6A has additional RCA outputs marked 'Zone Out Zone 2' and 'Pre Out Front' which younger model does not have, does anyone know if I can use these outputs to connect wireless headphones so that the sound will be audible both in the amplifier speakers and in the wireless headphones connected to the Yamaha RX-V6A?

I am very close to returning my Yamaha RX-V4A before 30 day return policy expires.


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You can do this with Bluetooth headphones, but not if using wired or wireless headsets. If using wireless non Bluetooth headphones then you'd be reliant upon an AV receiver's zone 2 pre outs. While you can connect a wireless transmitter to the zone 2 pre outs and convey audio to the wireless headset, you are going to encounter issues with that audio not being in sync with the main room output.

The RXV4A has no zone 2 pre outs though.

Most new AV receivers from the likes of Denon and Yamaha include a Bluetooth transmitter that can simultaneously output stereo audio to a pair of Bluetooth headphones while simultane ously outputting audio via the AV receiver's main room speakers.

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