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I have Office 2003 on my laptop and I use nearly all the programs on there except for Publisher and Powerpoint.But I seem unable to use Outlook as there is no option to compose a email.Also when I have been on some websites they give their contact email address on there but when I click on it and compose a email there is no option to send it Have a picture of what I get get when I open outlook.Any advice appreciated


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Thanks johndickinson I have just done what you suggested and yes I can compose a message but there is no send tab to press.

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Seriously do yourself a favour @laserbeam and ask yourself why? Why would you want to use an old product like that in 2019. There are so many good free products available. Full version of outlook is primarily good for when you have an exchange server and in a corporate environment. And then they wouldn't allow a security risk like that old software.

Just because it still works doesn't mean you should still use it. The file formats of that suite are very old, the security flaws are numerous, it is slow and big. The only places where that is still being used is in strictly contained and managed environments that have no connections to the rest of the world.

There is so much good and modern and free software available that does all of this 100x better.

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