How to use my Samsung D8000 tv as a monitor, wirelessly?


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My computer CPU has a Wi-Fi connector built in, and so does my TV (Samsung D8000). I know that I am able to connect the pc to the tv with a wired connection, but I was wondering if there was a way to connect my computer to the TV wirelessly and use it as a monitor?



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Yes there are a few

1) Use a KVM extender with ethenet (very expensive), these can capture the VGA or DVI output (VGA units are cheaper) and also has mouse/keyboard support, the video and mouse/keyboard commands are all sent through the wired ethernet link which you must have between the TV and the PC otherwise it wont work, wireless/homeplugs are no good.

2) Use a wireless VGA/HDMI sender, these are also expensive but not as expensive as the KVM and do not capture mouse or keyboard either. There are cheaper USB units for PC's which can also work but again same limitations apply, not capable of 1080p resolution either and no mouse/keyboard.

3) Use a DLNA server like Wild Media Server, which can capture the desktop as a video stream so you can view it like a live video stream on the Samsung media player, the upside this is just software so it's cheap but the downside is the lag it introduces making many activities unusable and no mouse/keyboard.

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