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I’ve used Tidal as my primary music source ever since it changed its name from Wimp, so quite a few years ago now. I also play CD’s, but less often. I mainly have CD’s to collect lesser known albums that I want to keep.

Anyway, back in the day, when CD was my main source of music, I grouped all my CD’s together by genre. Why? Because I would often like to play music based on my mood, and my mood usually dictated which genre I wanted to listen to: was I in a mellow singer/songwriter mood, or an upbeat funk mood or a bombastic orchestral mood etc etc.

Anyway what I’ve found using Tidal (and to be fair the same was true of Spotify before that), is that when I encounter an album that I like, I make it a favourite. As time has passed, this has fairly quickly amassed into a very unwieldy single list of hundreds of albums: the list is almost too long to find anything I actually want quickly and it doesn’t really allow me to select what I want to listen to, from my favourites list, by genre.

So I’ve been thinking of workarounds.

So I’m creating a new set of playlists. Such as “ALBUMS - Jazz”, “ALBUMS - Electronica” etc, but I won’t add the whole album to the playlist is that would also get too unwieldy too quickly. Instead, I’ll just add the first track of each album. So I’d be using the playlist, not really as a list of tracks I want to play, but rather simply as a catalogue of my favourite albums for a genre so I can find my music within a certain genre more easily.

I do wish there was a way of adding tags to your favourite album list, so you could add a genre tag to each album, and then have a facility to sort them and find them elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be great to go into Tidal (or Spotify), click on Jazz tags, and sort all THOSE favourite albums alone into date added or A-Z order? But alas, Tidal doesn’t have it, hence my suggested workaround above.

So it does mean a bit of work now: gradually going through my favourite list, weeding them and then adding the first track to the relevant genre playlist to help me locate them more easily in future. What I’ve found is that when I’ve come across a new album I want to try when I get time (such as when albums are suggested in hifi reviews that I’d like to audition myself), that I flag them as a favourite so I don’t forget it, but then I end up having loads of these albums clogging up my favourite albums even further. It’s a long mess frankly.

Have any of you also found streaming services wanting when it comes to sorting your favourite albums into genres, and have you discovered a better solution than what I’ve suggested? And to those of you who use Roon, is it possible to set up a genre list of your favourite albums within Roon and fhen sort that list somehow? I don’t know Roon as I’ve never used it, but if it had this feature it could make me look at it more closely.


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Bump. Any Tidal (or Spotify or Roon) users out there who have their albums well organised into music genres? If so, how do you go about it?

the groundsman

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I manage it all off platform using MS Excel and Access and then import my playlists into the streaming service but as a result I am ridiculed by friends and family alike o_O


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Whatever works for you, go for it. I’m an Access fan myself - it’s a very powerful programme. Actually it may not be a bad idea, because all I want to do is simply catalogue and list the albums, within genres, so it reminds me they’re there. It’s just a way of browsing within a genre, but restricted to albums I’ve tested and like.

Sometimes it helps to think outside the box. Of course you know what’ll happen: the moment I add the finishing touch to my music database, Tidal will release a genres tagging feature!

Thanks for the thought though.


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I sympathies with you. I keep on adding albums to my Tidal collection, many of which I can’t actually find when I want them or have just forgotten. Just having any kind of organisational system on a streaming service would be a god send.

I did contact support but there is nothing available and nothing planned - though they did send my request to the developers.

It would be great if you could just start lists of albums and give that list a name eg: Recommended in Rock or Jazz Albums. It does not seem, on the face of it, a difficult service to provide.


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Hmmm. Maybe if they get enough requests they might consider it more seriously.
I’ll try too.

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