How to use DSP from DVD-A and SACD?



I have a Sony STR-VA555ES running with large speakers so no subwoofer. SACD and DVD-A are analog only out into the 5.1 input on the amp, now to listen to that input you have to switch the amp to analog direct which bypasses all DSP, you can't even adjust the bass. Is there a solution to get the signal in so I can adjust bass levels etc? I know I can switch to stereo output on the DVD player but thats obvoiusly not as good as the 5.1 output.

Any suggestions out there? :)


Only way is if DVD player has management for 5.1 ch output!
But SACD and DVDA always wants all channels to be present so the sub channel can't normally be diverted yet it gives a full range signal to each channel that is present!


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I too have all my speakers set to large and just my rers small. I find i get little to none out of my sub. Is that normal.
Only have 2 SACD's


Much prefer DTS CD's at least you can adjust the sound to your liking. I can see the only way is to input the analog signal into some kind of processor which outputs a digital signal! Anyone know of any piece of kit like this.


Mattk - which player are you using?

My advice is to get hold of an SACD/DVD-A player with video circuitry (I'd assume you already have one), and set the bass management in the setting on the player.

Pioneer's models are fully compatible with such options, as are the Denon offerings. I think the budget Sonys are too, if you're a slave to the groove of brand loyalty.


I'm using a Pioneer DV-747A there's a small amount of adjustment but I'm just not happy with the lack of EQ adjustment, just have to find some sort of converter.

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