How To Upscale Sky Plus Box To A Plasma


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i own a samsung ps50c96hdx (which i bought for £975 and am annoyed that the price has fallen over 2 weeks).lol

i want to know how i can upscale the SD output of a Sky Plus Box to HD?

is there any wiring methods that i can do like using a upsaling dvd player to feed through...

plus, is there actualy a visual differecne when hainf SD upscaled? - in terms of DVD Players that upscale standard DVDz

any thoughts or help will be appreciated?


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The TV will upscale it anyway, and some TVs are better than others at it.

You can improve that by buying a dedicated offboard scaler, but they're quite expensive (500 up to 3000) which would handle everything. There's a video processor forum on here if you want to check into that. One important consideration is that if the TV won't just accept what it's given and processes it anyway (as many do) then that doesn't really get you that far considering the cost. e.g. the TV might only accept 720p so it then has to scale it again to its native panel res.

Otherwise, for far less cash, you can leave Sky as is, and improve just DVD with an upscaling player. Again, there's a forum for those, but the Oppo 981 is good value for money.

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