How to turn off "on" light Panasonic 50dx750b


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Hi guys.

As the title suggests, I'm looking for a way to turn off the green light that indicates the TV is on.
Can't seem to find an option in the menus anywhere :(
Its very bright and quite distracting at night.
Don't really fancy putting tape on my shiny new TV.

Also, I now have windows 10 set up with resolution of 4k, but obviously everything has shrunk and I can't read anything on the screen, and icons are too small as well as keep losing the mouse pointer (I use TV from a distance as a monitor).
I'm sure other people with 4k have this problem, so...
How do I make windows text / icons bigger,, past the maximum 350% allowed in "display settings" >" change the size of text, apps, and other items 350%"

Amazing picture quality on these TVs, though not much different to my last Philips :(

Thanks in advance guys


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Unless your willing to risk it and see if you can get into the hidden factory menu settings on the TV (no idea how for that model) I don't see any other way of turning off the light other than tape or black paint of some sort.

As for Windows well it is not a good idea to use a 4k display as a work monitor especially from a distance, one of Windows biggest weaknesses is DPI scaling. Windows big thing is backwards compatibility but it also holds it back as a lot of software was developed pre-4k and is not high-DPI aware.

Microsoft introduced a whole bunch of ways developers can make older apps high DPI aware but win32 developers are notorious for not embracing anything new and rarely bother to update applications to make them so. UWP based apps from the Win10 Store have built in high DPI support so scale easily on 4K but most old win32 desktops apps do not.

Make sure your Win10 is up to date with the latest creators update as their is a fix for desktop icons not scaling. I assume you have large icons enabled (right click desktop select view). Web browsers have built in zoom features, but to make desktop apps properly scale the developer has to update them.

You could also go to settings\accessibility\mouse and set the mouse cursor to the largest size. You can also set the pointer to change colour based on the background so it always stands out in contrast. Under other options is a cursor thickness setting, it affects the size of the blinking cursor when typing text.
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Thanks for both of your suggestions guys.
Don't fancy going into service menus as knowing TV manufacturers that'll probably void my 6 year warranty... And might not work... Would be proper annoying to say the least.
Will have a look on amazon for these stickers I guess, thanks :)

Yeah you're right about the scaling, apps seem OK but of course 90 percent of my programs aren't apps. Wish Microsoft would pull their fingers out and stop trying to make windows into an iPad. Really irks me. Scaling should be an easy thing to sort in an update, there's a lot of people who use 4k tvs and Monitors nowadays it's the norm, they're supposed to be one step ahead not 2 steps behind...

I've found a program that supposedly sorts it online, will try and is a hopefully not a virus!
Failing that I guess ill have to go back to 1080p. Can't even see the writing on my iTunes which is 70% of what I use the PC for...
Chrome looks amazing though, soooooooo sharp in 4k (I sit quite close to the TV so 4k really looks Amazing and is a HUGE difference in clarity in text and pictures)

Thanks again guys


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It's not Microsofts fault they do provide the means to scale correctly.

Whats left of the Windows desktop software developer base are essentially old man get off my lawn types stuck in their ways.

It's why so much of windows software is stuck with the GUI's of past generations of Windows, that's the mind set & they can't be bothered to update their software unless it affects them directly.

The Win Store allows win32 desktop apps it's not an ipad system & far better than random exe or installshield wizards but again old mindsets make PC user rail against it, so software devs cant be bothered to make software available via that or update it to high DPI displays. With iTunes coming to the Win Store it will be interesting to see if they make it high DPI aware.

A better alternative is get a 2560x1440 monitor, this is still usable with legacy desktop software and wont strain your eyes.

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