How to turn off HDR from ingame settings?


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Hello everyone,

my HDR settings on my PS5 are "on when supported" so it should detect automatically if a HDR/SDR signal is present and act accordingly. When playing Marvel's Spider Man and Borderlands 3 I tried turning off HDR from the ingame settings menu to see if there is any difference. The image changed but my TV was still showing that it was outputting in HDR mode. Also there was no black screen for 1 sec or so when turning it off from the ingame settings.

If my settings on the PS5 are "only when supported" I'd expect that if a game supports HDR that it would start in HDR, but if a game offers the possibility to turn it on/off from ingame settings that the console would behave accordingly and turning HDR completely off. It seems that even if turning HDR off from the ingame settings the PS5 still forces HDR on SDR mode. At least this is what my TV is showing me. I have a Sony X900E.

Anyone else experienced this issue?
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