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Reviewed by Simon Crust, 9th December 2011.
The best Pixar film that Pixar never made - How to Train your Dragon is a spectacular film, telling as it does the story of Hiccup as he tames a dragon and in doing so heals rifts, saves lives and gets the girl, in what is a very mature and layered film dressed up as kids animation. Truly wonderful stuff. It is such a crying shame that this 3D version is only now commercially available and not tied up in an exclusive deal, since the disc is of reference quality and is actually a film worth watching, unlike so much of the other 3D content that may look great, but is actually a chore to sit through.

As a 3D Blu-ray package, Dreamworks provide an absolute reference disc in terms of 3D picture which is bright, bold and detailed boasting incredible effects and very natural looking depth, and sound which is stunning in both surround environment and bass. Whilst the extras are still a little light there is no doubt that this disc has been worth the wait. Highly recommended.

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Distinguished Member
Watching this at the cinema I forgot it was animated which pretty much says it all, it drew me in so deeply. Particularly the flying scenes - it made the ones in Avatar seem amateurish.
Yes, I have the 2D Blu-ray as well. :smashin:


Distinguished Member
Wonderful review of the blu ray in general but would have been helpful to add a paragraph or two mentioning the quality of the 3D element as this is the 3D review. Just my tuppence :)

Simon Crust

Movie Reviewer
Ummm, in the picture review I go into tremendous detail about the 3D :confused:


Distinguished Member
Sorry, I didn't realise there was a picture review. The one I read just reiterated the 2D review. Apologies, and I shall seek out the afore-mentioned :)

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