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How to thread thick speaker cable up inside speaker stands


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Hi, as you can probably tell I'm a novice when it comes to audio visual, but I'm trying to hook up my new KEF surround sound system and before I've even started I've come across a problem.
I purchased 20 metres of Cambridge Audio Ultra 100 speaker cable which is quite thick and comes with a thick clear plastic jacket ending in a figure of 8 shape. The problem I have is threading this through the relatively thin KEF speaker stands. (see picture of cable ends and speaker stands opening)
Is there a simple way of getting this cable up through the 4 stands? I'm concerned I'll have to strip the plastic jacket completely off, then somehow cover it again to prevent them touching the stands and producing interference. Someone suggested using heat shrink? But I've never done that before so wouldn't feel comfortable trying that even though he said it would be easy (but he was an electronics expert!).

Again I apologise if this is a silly question but it really is perplexing me with my limited cable/electronics knowledge!


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Don't try taking the plastic coating off. You'll end up shorting the speakers/amp

If the cable won't physically fit inside the column then I'm afraid there is no alternative but to buy a different, thinner, cable

If it is a case of being unable to pull the cable through the column because of a tight fit, then use a thin metal rod, such as a piece of metal coat hanger straightened out, firmly attached to the end of the cable to pull the cable through the column


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You could try splitting the cable and then pull it through

Joe Fernand

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If the person who sold you the Kef stands also sold you the cable take it back and ask for something that actually fits the stands - you need something that's flexible enough to make the turn at the top of the stands.

If replacing the cable is not an option you'll need either heat shrink, insulating tape or a few cable ties!

With heat shrink or insulation tape you can strip the required insulation off of the cable then recover with the much thinner more pliable heat shrink or insulation tape before threading the cable up through the stand - ensure there is no copper showing anywhere other than the very end of the cable where it attaches to the KEF Spk.

And just for clarity you DON'T have the cable connected to your Amplifier when your stripping off the insulation!!!

With cable ties you could simply strap the cable to the stand and forget about trying to thread it through the stand.



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looks like you might be able to split the cable down the middle - keeping insulation on both cables - looks like it might fit.

TBH i just cable tie mine to the back of the stands, you can't really notice them

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