How to terminate speaker cable?


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Hi guys.
Got hold of 2 x 2m QED Silver Anniversary XT unterminated (I had the option to go with Airlocks, but given the price I opted to go with other bananas, better ones tbh).
Anyway, the bananas I should be receiving are these (similar to WBT and Dali):

As you can see, they provide a screw, solder-less connection.
Would I be better off soldering the cable to the banana? Do not forget this cable has the X-Tube tech, thus solder could get inside the tube and I don't seriously know if it would do any harm...


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You mean topping the cable ends with solder (so that each strand stays together)?


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Yes, but must admit I have not done this as the my cable is so thick, to add solder would have prevented me from getting the wires in the banana plugs.
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