How to stream from laptop to internet radio device?


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I have a receiver which is equipped to pick up internet radio (Teac H600DNT). I'd like to stream audio from my laptop to it (mainly iTunes & Spotify at the moment) and I wonder if anyone knows how to go about this?

There was an earlier thread where Cabd said he was doing this with the same equipment (post #4):

Unfortunately his how-to link goes to a post on another forum that doesn't exist any more.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.




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Cheapest option, 3.5mm to RCA phono lead and connect laptop headphone out to line in on the receiver.

An audio sender using is probably what the dead link was about, Audio Engine do one.

Beyond that, an Apple Airport Express and Airfoil is a popular set-up for iTunes and Spotify (I assyme your laptop runs Windows)

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