How to stop Office 2007 updates


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Bought a new laptop a short while ago which came with a trial version of MS Office 2007. I didnt use it, so uninstalled it. This is, Windows update still reminds me there are 12 updates for this. Is there something i can do to stop it reminding me about these? I dont have it!




I believe there is an option on the web based windows update to click "Don't show this update again", without looking I couldn't tell you exactly how to find it, but I think if you go into Custom instead of express, under the Software, Optional option you should get a list of all the software updates, you can expand them and click Don't show again or something, this should get rid of it, you can get these back at a later date if you wish :D


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You shouldn't receive those update notifications unless you have Microsoft Office installed. I'm betting you still have some part of the Office suite install somewhere.

But yes Iccz is right, you can hide those notificaitons.


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Whoops, sorry Curly, didnt see it!

Cheers guys for the help. 1st thing i did is check installed programs. While i had uninstalled MS Office 2007, there was a compatability file still installed. Uninstalled that and now no updates appear.

Thanks for the help!! :thumbsup:

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