Question How to stop bass vibration


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I'm in a bit of a pickle, I'm finding that my subwoofer (svs pb1000 with isolation feet) is causing the back of a cabinet to vibrate like crazy and it's really distracting.

I've tried a sub crawl and where I have the sub is my optimal position and I can't move the cabinet due to size etc.

The back of the cabinet is just a thin layer of mdf that slots into the back of the cabinet (Ikea bought) hence the rattling of the piece when bass hits it.

Any ideas how I can go about making the back either more sturdy or can I cover it in something like foam etc to prevent this?

Please help!! It's annoying the crap out of me now


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Use some construction silicone to glue it. Cheap and easy to install and remove if needed, also easy apply more, if needed .


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Have a look at the mastic panels they sell to deaden car door panels. This will add the required mass to prevent the vibration. A piece of closed cell foam will also work and you can buy this with a self adhesive backing.

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