How to stop all downloads auto adding to itunes library on Mac?


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I download lots of sample tracks from the web and after completion as soon as I click to play, the track automatically gets added to my itunes library showing as a new album.

This is going to result in my itunes getting very crowded. Is there a quick way to stop itunes automatically nabbing all these downloaded clips and sticking them in the itunes library? I would ideally like to play them from a dedicated folder and for them to stay there!!


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Just make Quicktime your default player for MP3 files instead of iTunes.

To do that, right click on one of the downloaded files and choose Open With>Other.

Choose Quicktime from the list and tick the 'always open with' checkbox.




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Thanks! Worked a treat. One of those 'it was right there in front of me but I couldn't see it' moments.

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