Question How to set up TV correctly for games: Standard mode, Game Mode/PC Mode (grainy), UHD JU6400


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Greetings. I had Sony W600B TV with low input running games fine in game mode. I followed the calibration of this famous site for Game Mode: Sony W600B LED TV Calibration Settings and both input and picture quality were very good with PS4.

I got a new TV : Samsung 48JU6400. It has lower input lag in Game Mode than the Sony one according to same site. sadly that site had settings only for Cinema Mode and not the Game Mode: Samsung JU6400 LED TV Calibration Settings

When I enabled Game mode in that TV, I got surprised how the games looked grainy, with very noticeable noise effect compared to standard mode. There are some who noticed that same effect In Batman Arkham Knight: Samsung JU6400 with PS4

Ok, Game Mode has louder sound (since it enables Game Mode in Sound too, and has very low input lag but the quality of he image is reduced and the grainy noise is just unbearable in all the games I tested: Outlast, FFXV, P.T (that I take as reference to compare all modes since it has the best setting of black/light/colour to notice every change).....etc.

When I play P.T in game mode everything looks grainy, blurred, jaggy, and I can't notice the awesome details like the cracks on walls , the flooring etc... but with switching back to standard mode all the details appear and the noise disappears but the input lag is horrendous. To my big surprise, screens taken in game when viewed in the PS4 gallery using standard mode look messed up and not as when I played the game in that mode, and the good way to see them correctly in the gallery is to enable game mode. Weird in fact.

In ther link I mentioned above, some suggested to rename input label to PC. I didn't get what they meant. In my TV: you can enable/disable Game Mode by going to Menu: System/General/Game Mode (On/Off): . Clicking on Source button then dow button (or Source button) brings a menu that has : - Edit Device Type - Edit Name - etc When I click Edit Name I name the HDM1/DVI to PC but nothing changes: I think this wasn't the right procedure everyone talks about. When I click on Edit Device Type, I get a list of options starting from: ---- (which si default type) then PC then Cable Box, Satellite Box, IPTV, PVR STB, Game etc

Game in that section doesn't enable Game Mode,It just keeps the standard mode. To enable real game Mode you have to follow the steps I mentioned before by going to Menu: System/General/Game (On/Off)

PC in that section just makes the screen colors look more saturated and doesn't help in removing the noise and grainy effect from Game Mode (I didn't notice input lag improvement either).

I found many links claiming that PC mode is a miracle solution : Samsung monitor: rename HDMI input to PC... wait, what?

Is pc mode in my samsung tv is correct for games? I've found that mode to give the best picture quality (most accurate colors and sharpness) but i think im loosing sth from game graphic quality? • /r/PS4

Samsung LED TV owners, what settings do you use for your PS4? • /r/PS4

TV Input Lag Test Database

I don't know if I did it correctly like those proclaim but it didn't correct anything for me. i don't know why only Samsung TVs have these grainy problems in Game Mode and this PC mode stuff.

I tried to follow NXGamer guide : How to set up your TV for games correctly • /r/PS4

by putting RGB Range on PS4 to full and Deep Colour Output to Automatic ( I don't have the Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Range on my PS4 like in the video, very strange) liek NXGamer showed but this made the screen even worse with squashed blacks and pixelated screen so I turned all offf back.

The only guide I follwoed to customize Game Mode was this one (French site) but for anotehr Samsung TV: [JV] Réglage Mode Jeu LCD Samsung

It didn't help me too to get rid of the unbearble grainy blurry look.

I tried to enable HDMI UHD color mode which can accept UHD (50P/60P 4:4:4 and 4:2:2) signals to see if this improves the quality (since I have this HDMI cable: PS4/PS3 HDMI 4K UHD 3D | TwoDots but from this guide: UHD HDMI Color

and here: Help with Samsung HDMI UHD color mode • /r/hometheater it seems it only works for UHD 4K signals and even using youtube 4K videos don't need it. I don't even know what it does and when to use it. :p

There are some other gudies too but they are for 7 and 8 series: Samsung reveals optimum settings for gaming on the 7 and 8 Series LED TVs - Audio Visual - Press Release -

Here are some reviews for JU6400 TVs but those are for the 55 : and 40 inches: / Samsung UE40JU6400 (JU6400) Ultra HD 4K TV Review and not for the 48 inches (my case)

I tried to compare the settings between the standard mode and Game Mode

All the differences I found were Backlight (12 for Standard and 14 Standard and can be twekaed for both) and in Picture Options: Digital Clear View (auto for standard and off for game), MPEG Noise Filter (auto for standard and off for game), Auto Motion Plus (standard for standard and off for game).

I tried to turn those options off for standrad mode (since Game mmode can't allow me to enable them) but I didin' get the noise efefct I got in Game Mode. I really want to know what causes it and if there is a way to tweak it in game mode to remove the grainy screen and if so, whether it adds input lag by enabling it.

I also want to know if anyone having same TV (or know tweaking very well) how to customize the TV to get the best image quality (no noise effect) and lowest input lag.



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Hi mate,

I just saw this thread and hope the reply is not too late.
I too started using the same TV with the PS4. My settings are fairly simple. I use "Standard" image mode. But I turned on "Auto Motion Plus" on for Standard Mode and made it apply only to 'current source' (I had this disabled for all sources as I hate dthe soap opera effect on movies).
I also changed the type of the HDMI input of PS4 to "Game" in the sources section (Note that I did not turn on Game mode inside the settings menu).

Hope this helps to some extent. Would like to know if you found better settings and solved the problem in the meantime. Cheers.


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Thank you very much for your answer. I found out what was causing the graininess: It is Digital Clear View. In standard Mode it is set to auto (which equals high setting). In game and PC mode it is off and can't be changed. I tried to mimic gamemode settings in standard mode with enabling Digital Clear View but the input lag stayed horrible. This is the biggest drawback. Either crystal clear picture and nightmarish input or an unbearble image but playble. Just pfff. I hope there is a solution to get a compromise between both.

I tried to find a way to test input lag between modes. I couldn't find any. To my big surprise, I found out that you can test that using Singstar app on PS4. So I held my iPad (used as microphone) 10 centimeters away for TV speaker and here are the results:

  • Game Mode : 30 ms (low input lag).
  • PC Mode : 80 ms (high input lag)
  • Standard Mode : 90 ms (high input lag)

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