How to set up sound with multiple outputs?


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Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop with onboard HD audio and ATI2600XT graphics card. I recently bought a Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic card (but this is still in it's box as I don't want to open it until I've resolved my query).
What I'm wanting to do is find the best way to enable me to connect to my 4.1 PC speakers and also to a pair of stereo Hi-Fi speakers which are hooked up to a Sony STR-DG910 Multi-Channel Receiver. (I'll also be linking one of the outputs on the graphics card to the TV for visual use only). I want to be able to choose the output to listen from (depending on which part of the room I'm sitting in!), and also still be able to utilise the front panel mic/headphone sockets on the PC when required. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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