how to set the cross over point



What is the best way to go abount setting up my sub so it intergrates best with the rest of my system.. It the low and high pass dails on the back I am unsure of and what volume leave


amp Denon 3802
dvd Sony 7700
speakers B&W cdm fronts, B&W cdm center, B&W 601 as rears misson 68 dipoles side speakers and a rel 50 subwoofer

I have no test disk so it all has to be done buy playing films

I have used a sound preser meter on the rest off the speakers and was blow away by the inprovement in sound I set the sub volume to the same as the rest of the speakers is that right ?



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The crossover position on the sub depends on what speaker setup you have selected on the Denon, Large/Small etc.

I´m assuming you have the sub connected by the low level phono cable only? Or are you using the High Level connection as well?

If you have all the speakers set to small and all the bass to the sub (generally the best for most systems) then set the crossover to maximum on the subwoofer as the amp will be controlling the cutoff frequency.

If you have the front main pair set to Large and the bass to LFE&MAIN then set the crossover on the sub to around the lowest frequency your speakers go down to e.g 50hz.

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