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How to seperate a 6 Channel .Wav File

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by meansizzler, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. meansizzler


    May 11, 2005
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    Anybody know what program I can use to seperate a Six channel single .wav file into 6 seperate Mono .wav files...

    I'm trying to convert a a DVD to .WMV with 5.1 audio, I can handle the video, but getting the audio in 5.1 audio is tricky, tried using an .AC3 filter to pass the audio to windows media encoder but does not always work, so I heard you can add the audio as six seperate .wav files, so I need to convert the .ac3 to a six seperate .wav files, I don't won't to use that program besweet, I used programs like that before and they casue glitches in the audio, so I just want another way to do it, I have a program called sonic foundry Soft Encode, which is a professional software Dolby Digital Decoder, anyway it can also decode .ac3 files, but only to .wav, so I loaded my .ac3 track into it, saved it as a six channel wav, but now I need to make it into six seperate mono .wav files. so Windows Media Encoder can accept it..but I can convert the six channel .wav to 5.1 .wma with Windows Audio Convertor, so maybe I can load that straight into Windows Media Encoder?, what do you think?, anyway I need someone to test my 5.1 WMA file as I have no 5.1 sound system set up yet, so I'm going to upload it in a bit, just need to check if you can hear all the channels, if not guess I will have to try and seperate the 6 channeld .wav and load it into windows media encoder manually..., anyway if my 5.1 WMA file works it would save alot of encoding time as the encoding is already done for the audio, provided media encoder leaves the audio as it is, all that needs to be done is the video convertion..

    Method of Converting AC3 to WMA....

    Ripped .AC3 Track from DVD "20 Minutes"
    Loaded AC3 Track in Soft Encode and Saved as 6 Channel .Wav "20 Minutes"
    Converted .wav with windows Audio Convertor, *Aplied Volume Leveling* "10 Minutes"

    Ok I heard Adobe Audition can handle Multichannel Audio, so i'm downloading a demo of it..

    5.1 WMA [Right Click] "Save Target As"

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