How to score one on one


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ok, playing with mates, i often get a break away, into the box one on one with the keeper and shoot straight at him everytime, yet my mate can do this and no chips or shoot hit x shoot, he just cooly slots it past the keeper everytime.
any advice for me on how to do this ? is there a button comb or general rule?


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Try and get the ball on your players preferred foot so he can sidefoot it, then aim for the corner which the keeper is not covering as much.


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There are three ways.

1) Side step - As you approach the keeper don't sprint, then as the keeper comes out press R2 and then press 90degrees on d-pad/left analogue stick to your tragectory to side step the keeper - personnally I don't do this as my success rate with it is pretty low as usually I either time it wrong and the keeper saves or due to not sprinting the defenders catch up and tackle.
2) Fake shot - again as you approach the keeper press square to shoot but then immediately press x to cancel the shot. If you've timed it right and the keeper isn't a top hot keeper they'll commit and go to ground allowing you to stroll round then and camly shoot into the empty net. Again this is hit an miss for me
3) Rounding the keeper - Sprint to the edge of the area to keep the distance from the defenders but watching the keeper to see when they come off the line. As you see them coming off the line release R1 allow your player to slow then as the keeper closes in on you go diagonal to the keeper or 90 degrees if you prefer and just quickly press the sprint (R1) to give yourselve a little speed - don't hold or you'll go too wide. I personnally go with the 45 degree diagonal for two reasons - one I've had most success with it and two when I haven't the opposition keeper has brought me down for a penalty and a sending off for their keeper, its very rare for me now their keeper saves but it does take some practice to time the final sprint right.


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Another way to score if the keeper is off his line, is to lob but it needs to be from 20yd+ out and only the slightest of lob on the gauge.


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It also depends which player you shoot with. E.G if you shoot with someone like rooney theres a better chance of scoring.

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