How to run speaker cable along corner of ceiling?


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I'm after advice on the neatest way to run cabling along the corners of the ceiling.

I will be wiring up rear surround speakers in my living room. I have wooden floor and brick walls so it's not possible to run under the carpet, behind skirting boards or in the walls, and I'm not keen to run it in the ceiling either as it would cross three upstairs rooms near water pipes and would be a really big job.

I'm thinking to either:

a) Get some low profile, reasonably flat wire such as this and run it along the corner of the ceiling, so the thin dimension is vertical and the thicker dimension (approx 12mm) is attached directly to the ceiling. I expect I'd need to glue it, because narrow (12mm) double-sided tape doesn't sound strong enough from what I've seen. And then I'd probably need to paint it to conceal the writing on the cable.

b) Attach some trunking such as this with the flat edge attached either to the upper corner of the wall, or the ceiling so it's 'hanging'. Or I could try corner style trunking like this which would probably look better. Either way, I would then be able to drill and screw it in at points so it remains secure. I could then paint it if needed.

What would the cleanest option be visually? Any advice for attaching either the cable itself alone or the trunking?

Also, is it likely to be conspicuous enough that I'll regret it and should just stump up for an electrician to do it in the ceiling? I'd still need to do the vertical runs along the wall inside the room, as it's brick and I really don't want to channel it and repaint everything.

I also have a third option of running it along skirting board which is over 50% concealed by furniture, but that would require going up and down over a doorway, and around the hearth of a fireplace at floor level, which I suspect overall would be more conspicuous and I'm worried about the twisting of the wire around the hearth as it would need to come out slightly into the room.

I've attached a rough sketch of the layout for the points of interest.

Room layout for wiring.png
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