Question How to rip 3D Blu Rays and add Atmos track to them


Hi All,

I preparing to rip all my BDs. Collection of 500+ discs of which probably 150+ are 3D BDs. For probably 50 of them I have 4k discs as well with Atmos track. I know it is possible so would love to combine 3d + Atmos / DTS:X into ultimate 3D version.

Can anybody advice on the process?

I bought the gear and I have makeMKV :D. What next?



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I don't know. But I assume the 3D & atmos are on different disks. In which case, I would rip both to your hard drive, then use mkvtoolnix to add or subtract any audio or subtitle tracks you don't want.

I suppose handbrake could do this, but I fond mkvtoolnix very quick

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