How To Retrieve Data From Old Phones


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How can I retrieve data (primarily pictures and text messages) from old mobile phones? I have:

-A Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman (the orange and silver one)
-A Sony Ericsson W910i Walkman
-A Sony Ericsson W995
-An iPhone (the first one. It is cracked along the back)
-An iPhone 4 (it is also cracked and broken at the back)

None of these phones will switch on. I went to some local tech shops, who suggested that I get new batteries and charging cables, but none of them will switch on. Is there somewhere that will retrieve all the data? Is there any way to switch these phones on?


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If they won't switch on when connected to a charger a new battery may or mat not help. As for getting data off I guess that depends what kind of data.


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Pictures and text messages. I called a couple of retrieval companies, and I was quoted (approximately) £150 per phone.

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iPhones should be easy if you had them part of your iCloud ID. If you didn’t then it will be hard to do it yourself as you’d get into requiring forensic investigation tools. Alternatively inspect the backup and you could extract from there.

The Sony erikssons would require a PC connection kit and associated cable. For some of those you need a PC with a serial port as a USB option may not have existed either. You may be able to find the tools on eBay. But be prepared for a fair bit of tinkering.

And that is when the phones actually work. So £150 per phone actually sounds incredibly reasonable. Considering what you would need to get and the effort you’d have to put in.

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