How To Reset LNB on Sky HD?


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Can somebody tell me how to do this please, as it appears to be different on HD from Sky+

I would like to try it as I have terrible picture quality, can't get a signal at all for many channels, and the ones I can get are mostly breaking up.

Please help me???????



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Have you checked your signal strength?

It sounds more like your dish has blown out of alignment.

Check strength and perhaps get someone in to adjust it.

Good luck



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The signal strength is good, but no quality on either input.

Sometimes, the 2nd input has no strength or quality and isn't locked either.


definately sounds as though its an alignment problem, or the lnb..


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I have exactly the same issue with poor quality on signal one and sometimes none on input 2. I self installed sky hd and my alignment is fine as i plugged my old single lnb in and rechecked the strength/quality. Therefore i deduced it is the lnb and have ordered a new dual one as ive heard quad arent as good anyway.


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To reset the LNB:

1. Press services on your Sky remote control.
2. Highlight System Setup using the up/down arrows and press select.
3. Press 0, then 1, then select.
4. Press select again to access the LNB setup screen.
5. Using the up/down arrows, highlight LNB Power Supply.
6. Using the left/right arrows change the setting to off.
7. Using the up/down arrows, highlight 22KHz command.
8. Using left/right arrows change to off.
9. Using the up/down arrows, highlight Save New Settings and press select.
10. Press sky followed by services.
11. Highlight System Setup and press select.
12. Press 0 then 1 then select.
13. Press select again to access the LNB setup screen.
14. Press the red button to re-set the default settings.
15. Using the up/down arrows, highlight Save New Settings and press select.
16. Press select to confirm that the settings have been reset.

The correct settings are:
- 9.75 for the low frequency.
- 10.60 for the high frequency.
- The LNB power supply should always be set to on.
- The 22KHz Command should always be set to on.

17. Press sky to return to normal viewing. It may take 60 seconds for the picture to appear. If this issue is affecting the playback of recorded material, you will need to make a new recording to check whether this procedure has resolved the issue.

Jim Robson

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How do I do this with the new EPG as only 'Sky+ SetUp' (rather than 'SetUp' on its own) seems to be there? I'm probably missing something pretty obvious but it seems to be different with the new EPG.

Thank you.


JimmyR :hiya:

Thank you to Bones1958 for the information below. I found this on another thread.

"Anyway, the guy on the phone took me into the Installers Setup menu. To access it the sequence for an HD Box with new EPG is :

Press Services
Press 001
Then press Select.

Hope this helps and if anyone can suggest a cure to my Sky box issues (seems unlikely from reading other posts) please advise."
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I'm adding to this thread because I feel it's misleading.

An LNB itself can not be "reset". It's not a computer and there's nothing inside it that can be "reset". However, what you CAN do is put the LNB settings back to factory defaults and that needs only a couple of button presses in the LNB menu.

There's more info. here:
How to reset the LNB?

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