How to replace HDD on a DRX895W Sky+ HD Box?

Hope this helps, I'm sure some other Sky Q users on here might have a better understanding of this than me, if not right now then maybe in a few years time when we start to see their HDD's failing and Sky tell them they are about to lose all their recordings. Who knows, by this time Sky might finally agree to allow their Sky Q boxes to transfer recordings by their engineers so this then becomes a mute point. We can only hope.
3 major resons that will not happen.
1 Copyright law and rights issues. - Copyright law only allows recording of virtually all broadcast material (FTA and subscription) for time-shifting purposes only (for a reasonable time) and NOT archiving material. Most brodcasters purchase rights to allow customers for a certain length of time and after that ends other broadcasters can purchase said materil. Fot this reason Sky will not allow such archives being transferred to a new box. Remember your subscriptions (apart from buy and keep) merely entitle you to view it (recordings should be viewed in a reasonable time (not yet legally defined) and you do not pay to archive it in a personal collection
2 Secondly they are only engineers in Sky's job title - they are installers without any professinal engineering qualification requirement.
3 Time constraints for the installers - how long does it take to remove drives, clone drive and refit drive then install and setup new box? Too long even without any problems. Do you really think Sky will pay for that sort of time??


Re item #2. This is irrelevant. Whilst I agree with your explanation, it does not take an engineer with professional qualifications to copy recordings. :rotfl: If copying were to be allowed (which it's not in this case) virtually anybody could do it with the minimum of training.


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This is a great set of instructions! I have a question though, will the box work without a hard drive?



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Hi there,

I’m reading this thread with lots of interest.

Over the last few days I have noticed that my Sky box drx895-c started getting stuck in standby. Over the last few months I’d noticed the box intermittently hang. I decided to do a reset with the back up button pressed - and I think this was the final straw - stuck in standby.

I suspect it’s a failing hard drive. I’m very happy to try and replace it with the great instructions in this thread but wondering what current drive I can use? WD20EURX’s are no longer available. Was thinking about a skyhawk or WD purple 2tb?

Any advice much appreciated!!



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I decided that removing the hard disc looked risky, as top board needs removing.
So I removed sata and power lead from disc, then used a m-f sata/power lead to connect the clone machine to the hard disc in situ. pressed clone it gets to about 25% then seems to stop.
Trying agin leaving overnight, even though appears to have stopped, but disc is still active.


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Thanks for the update Oaklandraiders.

I bottled it in the end and went to a friendly auction site and bagged myself a second hand 2tb sky HD box which was only a couple of years old - all for £20 ish. Cheaper than a new drive and time involved in fixing it. Oh well bye bye old recordings - but I’ll live.

What drive did the use in the end?

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