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How to remove sand from speaker driver ?


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Posted this a while ago - but thought I'd repost but in a different manner

Got some sand in 2 of my Tannoy R3 drivers (didn't realise the "mass-loading" cavity was not sealed ! - and put them upside down in storage for a day)

anyway ...

if you press directly on them 90% they are fine - but if you put a slight angle on the push you hear a horrible graunching noise - presumably the sand.

any ideas to where this sand would be ? and how I would remove it ? New drivers are 50 each (not really that cheap)

I've tried aerosol dust sprays within all the crevicies, and tried the hoover etc - got a lot of sand out - but not the bit making the graunching. Any ideas to where the graunching noise would be coming from ? I assume the main "rubber" moving bit, but I've got rid of all the sand I could find on that -including using wet wipes etc.

any ideas please ?

thanks, Mark.


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Do you hear this graunching sound when playing music as opposed to just pushing the driver with your finger? If not then for £50 a throw I'd just live with it. My other thoughts are:

1. Take the driver(s) out completely and use a tyre inflator at a garage to blast out the sand better than a little can of air can do (or borrow the use of a compressor if you know someone who has one). Mind your eyes with flying sand if you try this.....

2. Play some loud music through them and see if it helps loosen the sand, if needs be remove and refit the driver 180 degrees so that gravity might help.

Hope you get it sorted.:thumbsup:


If you push most drivers at an angle they'll make that sort of noise. Trying to picture drive units in my head, but i don't think the sand could get in the driver, as the cone and the spider (the corrugated suspension bit behind the driver) are connected to the tube that the coil is wound round. Some drivers, depending on their chassis may let sand in, some won't, so might be worth checking by taking a driver out and having a quick look.

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