How to Reduce Ghosting on JVC 100Hz


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Ok guys,

Here it is and i tried this out yesterday. Seems to work fine with me.
First of All this fix is for JVC AV-28X37HKE 28in widescreen Nicam TV.
Get a decent quality scart and not one of those Ridiculously priced ones you find in Dixons or Comet. The scart I used was a cheap dusty one i found in the shed! Must have been there for months and months.
Anyway, get this scart and plug in the back of the Tv's EXT1. The EXT1 is the RGB port. RGB is supposed to make pictures better so they say. Anyway, plug it in, next play the movie. This fix is for movies on DVD's. Normal VCR movie should not be affected by the ghosting.
Play the movie, then goto menu. Press menu on the remote, go to picture settings. Enable VNR to MAX. Enable Digipure Pro to MAX. You should now notice that ghosting and double edges must be reduced by as much as 80-90%. I've tried it and seems to work wonders. The two movies i was playing was toy story and monsters inc.
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