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Question How to record from one audio tape device to another?


Novice Member
My grandma wants to copy parts of different audio tapes to one final tape.
I believe she only has a boombox with one tape player.
If I were to buy another one, could I connect them with a 3.5 plugs cable, from the output socket to the mic?

Thanks guys


Staff member
A headphone output will almost certainly produce too much voltage for a microphone input to handle - and you will get a highly distorted end result. You may be able to control it by hugely reducing volume, but mt expectations of the outcome of such an approach would be very low - poor quality sound and/or high levels of background noise, etc.

Ideally you would be looking for (what are called) "line level" ins and outs. These are most often seen as a pair of RCA sockets. But without knowing more about the exact equipment it's hard to be specific. Box 1 (playback) Line out to Box 2 (record) Line in.......


Distinguished Member
If this is a one-off then rather than buy a second tape device, record the bits you want to PC with something like Audacity. You can then manipulate/edit as necessary & then record from the PC back to tape or burn a CD.

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