How to record a VCD onto a DVD??

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Hi all,

A friend of mine has just bought a DVD-R for his PC, and wants transfer his VCDs onto a blank DVD.

This will effectively make it a really big VCD. However, when you use Nero, you can't tell it that you want to record a VCD onto a DVD - both items are split into separate menus. Doh!!

Anyone know how to do this? He doesnt want to convert the VCD to a DVD - but fool it into thinking that the blank DVD is a big CD - thus allowing masses of room for lots of VCD files.

Any ideas? Also - will this idea play in a standalone DVD player?




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Not sure about how to do it

I do not think it would play on a stand alone dvd player though . A freind of mine copied a vcd to dvd and tryed it on his dvd player ( that plays vcds) .All he got was an error message .

If you put a dvd in a dvd player it will look for dvd files if there is'nt any then it won't work

The best thing to do would be to just convert them to dvd .It would save a lot of probs and if you want them to work on you player you will need to do it


VCDs are mpeg1 and DVDs are mpeg2. You could try retrieving the mpeg1 files from the vcds (they will be the big files!) and then author them as a dvd using nero or power director (each vcd mpeg1 file could be a chapter on the dvd). This should work in principle but may not be accepted by the dvd player.

If you have to re-encode the vcd files to mpeg2 then expect it to take a long time.


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