How to prevent TV from switching my PlayStation 4 on?


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I've recently bought a Samsung Q80R.

One problem I'm having is that when using the TV (typically when exiting an application), it seems to always switch my PS4 on. It might because my PS4 is the only connected HDMI device and therefore the thing it keeps defaulting to when I exit something else. I like that switching on the PS4 automatically turns on the TV, but I don't want it to happen this way around - i.e. the TV turning on the PS4.

I've found the setting on my PlayStation called "HDMI Device Link", which I can switch off. However, that switches it off in both directions (as well as meaning I can't use the Samsung remote for the PS4).

Is there any way to solve this so that I can turn the TV on with the PS4, but not turn the PS4 on with the TV?

Thanks a lot!


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I'm afraid so.
Your automatic switching is due to HDMI CEC and, as you've found you'll lose the ability to use the TV remote to control your PS4 with it switched off.

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