How to prevent quicktime playing all my media files


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Ever since I downloaded Itunes, quicktime seems to become my deafult media player whenever i download clips from the internet.

Is there anyway i can prevent this. I prefer windows media player. I have tried going into Quicktime and changing it via preferences section, but it doesn't seem to help.


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On a Mac you go to File/Get Info and open the "Open with" pop-down. You can select the preferred app for this specific file, or click the tab which makes it "Use this app to open documents of this type". Not sure with Windoze.


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Theres a few ways on PC's, either go Explorer>tools>folder options>file types> and change the associations


mediaplayer>tools>options>file types!

If you reinstall windows media player it will probably make itself the default player, and save you having to change anything.


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I think .movs can only be opened with quicktime or a quicktime type program (not media player)

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