Question How to plug Amazon Echo into Marantz NR1603


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Occasionally (namely when we have people round) I want to play music through my surround speakers through my Marantz amp. I've tried plugging a 3.5mm Jack to Stereo RCA Cable into the analogue audio in CD ports but this doesn't work.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or if it's even possible?!



Are you talking about connecting the stereo amp to the receiver in order to use the surround sound speakers? To be able to do this the stereo amp would need to have pre-outs. It is not working how you, I think, have described as it is incompatible as the with the CD input as they are a fixed gain. It works the other way around as the NR has pre-outs that would connect the other way.

Can you not connect the music source, CD player, streamer, etc directly to the NR.


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Thanks for the quick reply gibbsy.

Forgive my ignorance I’m not super cloud up in this type of thing.

It sounds like you’re referring the Echo to a stereo amp but just to make sure... I’m not plugging a stereo amp into the NR I’m plugging the Echo into it.

How would I go about plugging it into the NR directly as you suggested? I can’t see any other possible inputs that would take a connection from the echo.

See below image of the back of my amp******/4DCmzS352oBMPYz9A

Thanks for your help so far!


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Amazon echo dot has a 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting to an amp... Mine works fine.

Check the CD input is assigned to analogue rca on the amp (default may be the optical in)?

Echo only has Bluetooth out afaik (which the dot also has) and that may offer another way of feeding audio in if the cable way fails?


No idea with an Echo, too 21st century for me. Go with the above.


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Just plug a 3.5mm in the Dot to a analogue cable and change the receiver settings as suggested.

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