How to playback sbs 3d movies from pc to Samsung UE46C7700?


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How come I get a perfect 3D result when I want to playback a SBS 3D movie (mp4 format or mkv format, both are ok) from the USB media player in my Samsung UE46C7700. I then see a perfect side by side representation of the 3D movie and when I the switch the tv set to the 3D modus I get a perfect 3D result with the Samsung active shutter glasses.
Hower, when I play back the same file on my PC (using bs-player, or power dvd or windows media player), that is connected to my TV over HDMI cable, I see the same perfect side by side representation of the 3D movie, but when I now press the 3D button on the tv, the images for the left and right I are "shifted" a few centimeters so that there is no good overlap or 3D effect for the active shutter glasses.
Who can help me here? I prefer to playback the 3D moviefiles from the PC because that gives me the original 5.1 sound. Playing back the 3D movie files on the built in media player results in downgrading the sound to normal stereo....
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