How to place Newstand inside a Folder


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Taken from the iLounge website.

iOS 5’s Newsstand feature can be great for those who read a lot of publications on their devices, but the trouble is that most of those publications tend to be iPad-focused if not iPad-only, leaving most Newsstands on the iPhone and iPod touch bereft of icons, like a shelf in an empty store. And unfortunately, there is no “official” way to hide or turn off the icon, and since it’s just a glorified folder, you can’t put a folder inside another folder. Or can you?
With a bit of speed, it’s possible. To start, make sure your Newsstand icon is nearby, then press, hold, and drag an app on top of another app to create a new folder, then immediately grab the Newsstand icon and drag it into the folder. If you’re fast enough, your Newsstand icon will be neatly tucked away inside a folder, freeing up valuable screen real estate. Just remember that if you want to actually use the Newsstand, you’ll need to drag it back out of the folder and on to the main screen—trying to use it from within the folder will cause your device to restart.


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Yep I did this when it first arrived. The problem I have had is that any changing of the folder seems to mean it pops back out again.

I have given up for now and now have a page at the end of my pages where I dump the annoying apps like this one.



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Funny that, just decided today to check how to stick newsstand into a folder! Mine doesn't pop out of the folder just doesn't have a thumbnail image within the folder :)

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