HOW TO: OSX Data Transfer Between ReadyNAS'

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    For those Mac/ReadyNAS owners that want to transfer data between an existing and replacement ReadyNAS....

    This is how I more 'speedily' transfer music and movie files between a ReadyNAS Duo.v1 and NV+.v2 in OSX Lion/Mountain Lion...

    Initially, do not switch-on either ReadyNAS.

    Unplug direct connection to router/internet on your Mac. Use a gigabit switch - such as a Netgear GS608 between ReadyNAS devices, each connected to the switch by ethernet. Your Mac should also be connected to the same switch.

    In OSX, select 'system preferences' > network > ethernet. In 'configure IPv4: using DHCP with manual address' > IP address: enter Then 'apply'. This will show a subnet mask of and DNS Server: and

    Switch-on each ReadyNAS. When powered-up, launch RAIDar.

    On NV+2.v2 (or destination ReadyNAS) select 'set-up'. In FrontRow, select 'configure' > ethernet. In 'ethernet settings' > IPv4 assignment, use the following IPv4 address > Default Gateway: enter (from OSX network preferences). Apply. Ignore warning message.

    On DUO (or ReadyNAS from where data is being extracted) select 'network' > interfaces > IPv4 assignment: use values below. Enter IPv4 address: - and subnet mask - then 'apply'.

    Exit RAIDar. Open again and rescan. The NV+v2 should now show the IP Address as being The DUO should now show the IP Address as being

    When you open up FrontRow on the NV+2.v2, for example, and open 'configure' the DNS settings will now match those indicated in the DNS Server setting in the ethernet network pane of OSX.

    For transferring either music or movie files between ReadyNAS'...

    On NV+2.v2 open Mac hard drive folder (top right hand side). Choose NV+2.v2 (AFP) from left hand side column, then navigate to either music or movies folder.

    On DUO, repeat the above, but choose DUO (AFP) and navigate to either music or movies folder.

    From the DUO select chosen number of folders (or all of them) and drag to the NV+2.v2 window.

    The files will now transfer.

    Go get coffee, have a shower, mow the lawn - even interact with other family members - while your files transfer.

    When finished, eject both ReadyNAS' from the finder.

    Then, reinstall your internet connection - which in my case involves plugging an ethernet cable back into my homeplug.

    In OSX > system preferences > network > configure IPv4 > automatically > apply.

    On the NV+2.v2 in FrontRow > ethernet settings > IPv4 Assignment > Obtain an IPv4 Address automatically. Apply.

    On DUO in FrontRow > ethernet > IPv4 assignment > use values from a DHCP Server. Apply.

    Exit FrontRow.

    Exit RAIDar.

    Power-down each ReadyNAS. Then switch back on.

    Launch RAIDar. The IP address of each ReadyNAS should now indicate the value assigned to it by your DHCP router.

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