How to open service menu on Samsung Q7D (Q70R) TV


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I purchased a remote control which is claimed compatible with all Samsung TVs, and tried it on my Samsung Q7D (Costco model number for Q70R?) and it works (all the buttons works normally).

Then I pushed the following buttons in series when the TV is standby: info + menu + mute + power, the TV is powered on, but it displayed the normal interface and did not show the service menu.

Anyone can help me to figure out how to access the service menu on my TV?

Many thanks!


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By the way, I pushed in series the following buttons, the hospital mode menu can be called out: mute + 1 + 8 + 2 + enter.


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I know how to enter service menu on this TV, push in series the following buttons: mute - 1 - 8 - 2 - power.

I entered into the service menu to disable Local Dimming under PC mode (it can only be disabled under PC mode).


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If you mess up the settings and cant get it back when in the service menu, samsung will not help. Its meant for engineers so be careful !

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If you can't figure out the correct button presses/code to get into the service menu, then I'd be very careful dicking about in there.

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