How to open movies from skyhd on my pc


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Hi everyone .I download all my movies from skybox to my pc, but I cant open HD recordings.
I try loads of players and converters ...nothing.Any ideas ?????


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How have you downloaded them to the PC? If you have merely copied them then that will not work as they will all be encrypted. Recordings are made to the Sky HDD as a "raw" signal and are only decoded and decrypted on playback. Although I believe it is possible with all the correct software and hardware (at least a cardreader and CAM emulator software - probably linux only - and the Sky viewing card they were recorded with and it still having a valid subscription to those channels) to play recordings it is not simple. The only simple easy way is to playback the recordings on the Sky box and record to the PC from the Sky box's video and audio outputs - and this can only be done in real time, i.e. a 1 hour long programme will take one hour to copy.
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Yes I use +extract and I can watch normal recordings but HD recordings are mpeg-ts format which none of the codecs recognise ..?


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Extract+ only works with non-subscription stuff - as non-subscription stuff is not encrypted. Encrypted stuff needs a Sky subscription to the equivalent mix (i.e. the movie mix) to decrypt it. And your PC doesn't have the movie mix - or a card with the movie mix on it - linked to it.

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