Question How to make this setup better? (Rpi in focus)


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Hello everyone!
I love music, but I'm also a bit noobish regarding some details :p Would really love some expert opinions/advice regarding the setup I'm trying to make sound a bit better (hopefully). Ok, let me run you through the connections from start to finish:

1) My Windows 10 PC is used as a server where I store all my FLAC music files on hard drives
2) My Raspberry Pi 3B+ is sitting across the room and is connecting to HDD via wifi
3) Rpi (which I also use to play movies) is connected to my Philips 43PUT4900/12 TV with HDMI
4) From TV I have SPDIF cable which goes into a simple SPDIF to RCA Converter
5) RCA converter is then connected with basic analog RCA cables to LINE 1 on my Yamaha A-S300 integrated amplifier
6) Amp is then connected with bare wires to a set of two floor speakers (Mirage FRX-7B-1) and two shelf speakers (Eltax Millenium Sat 1061) which sit on top of floor speakers

As for music player, I tried several - Clementine, VLC and Kodi.
Everything sounds "ok", but I believe it could be much better. Would you say some steps in my setup are problematic? What additional equipment should I get? Do I need a dedicated (USB) DAC? Or perhaps a "hat" such as HiFiBerry? Does sound get degraded if I run to TV and then to amp? Any suggestion is highly appreciated, thank you!

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