Answered How to make my OLED C7 LG to look like my Samsung AMOLED phone?


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I really like the way my Samsung S9 looks like and I want my OLED to look as similar as it can be to it. Is it possible to calibrate my tv to look like it? If so then can anyone list the required calibration settings for it. Thank you.


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Probably set it to Vivid and fiddle with the settings from there.

fat jez

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I'm not sure why you would want to do that? It's not what I would call calibration. Decalibration maybe?


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Buy a Samsung badge and replace the LG badge this will help:laugh:


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Its' easy mate.;)

1. Make a note of the TV's screen dimensions.
2. Buy as many Samsung S9s that can fit the TV screen dimension.
3. Buy a super duty glue, apply it all over the TV screen and stick the S9s on it.
4. Power on the S9s stuck to the TV screen.
5. Power on the S9 in hand.
6. Keep looking both and they should look similar. :rotfl:

fat jez

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OP, for starters, your TV and phone do not use the same type of screen. your LG TV has 4 coloured sub pixels - red, green, blue and white, your phone is lacking the white one. Your TV is intended to reach certain colour and brightness targets, your phone does not need to.

In short, you are chasing an impossible goal.


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For an enormous touch of overkill - install Calman's MobileForge Android app. Buy a measuring device, take measurements from the phone and then get yourself some TV calibration software and try and replicate the measurements you took from the phone by making alterations to the calibration controls.

Marshall Mike

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Marshall Mike

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- Aww, very good mate! I'd take a pop shot back but I'm not into that whole 'stalking' thing I'm afraid...
Only pulling your leg :D

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