How to make a SAMSUNG LE40F71 Service cable


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I have now been reading some threads in here, but have not been able to find a description on how to make a Service Cable for firmware updating my Samsung LE40F71 LCD TV. Reason I want to update, is due to the overscan problem when connection my PC to the TV (DVI to HDMI) for full HD (1080p) picture.

Can someone please supply a diagram or similar for how to make this cable, and if you know a website for downloading the latest firmware, that would be great as well. The newest I have found is the SVC1010 version.


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I believe the cable is the same as the one TiVo uses. There is a specification for it here...

I should add a disclaimer though that I've not tried it and I'm not responsible for any damage to your TV if you do :D

I was going to try it out myself from odds and ends I've got.

There's much talk about the cable on the F71 thread of course. You can just order an official cable from Samsung but it might take a long time. There are also cables on ebay.


Can someone please advise where to download the drivers?

I contacted Samsung support and they said the have no updates for this model.


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Samsung should have the updates but they probably aren't interested in such an old model now.

However if, as I suspect, you are after the firmware that adds JustScan, you'll need the 1010 SVC firmware which Samsung don't readily give out. I believe if you're persuasive enough they will. Basically it's a service engineer firmware as I recall where engineers will provide it to customers who are picky enough. Though I think many people just got Samsung to send them the CD.

The firmware and tools used to be downloadable from here:

Sadly it seems the site is dead now.

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